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Daniel Swarovski’s virtuosity in grinding crystals inspired us at HYLA to create a Swarovski Edition of our Air and Room Cleaning System. We share the same passion for innovation and design that has characterized Swarovski as a company ever since 1895, turning it into one of the leading brands in jewellery and accessories. And that is exactly what we at HYLA wish to express with our Swarovski Edition: a passion for technology and innovation combined with health and beauty.


Full covered with shining black fine rock crystals. This HYLA Swarovski is the king of our HYLA Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED™ collection.

Grey LV Crystals

The combination of grey Swarovski crystals places the HYLA on a higher luxury level. By the way LV stands for a famous fashion brand. Do you recognice the LV colors?

Black fine rocks

Shining black fine rock crystals add a touch of pure black elegance to the HYLA. The black crystals add a magic attraction on this HYLA.

Medley Crystal

Medley Crystals pop up brilliant colors on the HYLA. Beautiful natural reflexes mirror the sunlight - it's pure magic.

Diamond Crystals

The classical Swarovski crystals! Very noble and classy diamond crystals adorn the HYLA and transform it into one single diamond.