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HYLA Public Relations


The Plus X Award as a prize for innovative technologies, sport and lifestyle products, is in its 13th year in 2016, honoring manufacturers for their qualitative leading edge. Albert Einstein once said: “More than the past, it is the future that interests me, since that’s where I intend to live.” With this principle in mind, the Plus X Award distinguishes products that are innovative and viable for the future and possess at least one “Plus X” factor – the additional value of a product.

The advances made as a result directly benefit the consumer. It is precisely these kinds of innovations that simplify our lives, making them more enjoyable and are ecologically meaningful, and that are distinguished by the Plus X Award. For the purchaser, this seal of approval represents a definite recommendation to buy. The Plus X Award assists consumers in their purchasing decisions, showing them swiftly and simply the truly innovative and highly qualitative products such as the HYLA.

We are very proud to receive 4 seals and to feature among the best companies in the world.

HYLA Charity

All over the world, we at HYLA enjoy highest reputation, especially among our customers. Partnership with our customers is a central part of our philosophy. It is also a reason for our global success. We wish to share this success with the people who are less privileged in life – that is why we launched HYLA Charity. The HYLA Charity is only supported by HYLA internal sales partners. The donations go to children in need i.e. the Tabaluga Foundation, World Vision and many other well-known foundations as well as women's shelters.

HYLA Swarovski - Guinness World Record

This special edition of the HYLA GST was bejeweled by Artists in Berlin, Germany. It took over 100 hours to hand-encrust the HYLA GST with 32,000 genuine Swarovski Elements. The original shiny black exterior of the HYLA GST, featuring chrome and carbon accents, has been enhanced with black, grey and white Swarovski Elements, making it sparkle and glimmer with even the slightest trace of light. Considering the 32,000 Swarovski Crystals and 100+ hours of labor, the set retail price of $21,900.00 does not seem too high. It is still high enough to make the HYLA GST - Swarovski Edition the 'most expensive vacuum cleaner' according to Guinness World Records.

On November 16th, 2012 Guinness World Records confirmed the HYLA GST - Swarovski Edition as the 'most expensive vacuum cleaner'.